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Guitarist, Tresero, Composer, Arranger, Producer


Dariel aims to create community and facilitate love by blurring cultural boundaries through music.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, his interest in music from around the globe has birthed a unique amalgamation of sounds from an array of different cultures.  He is known for his versatility in playing the guitar as well as his unique work on the Cuban instrument known as the tres. Dariel can be found performing as a leader with his own project or working as a sideman for many artists around the world. In addition to his work as an instrumentalist, Dariel is also frequently contracted as a producer and arranger, and continues to maintain a deep passion for educating both privately and in clinics and universities.  In 2018, Dariel was chosen as a recipient of the Kimmel Center Jazz Residency Grant, Philadelphia’s premier jazz composition grant given to young artists who possess a unique vision for the future of music. Through this process, he released his first EP as a leader: Kalectiv   In his short but burgeoning career, Dariel has performed with such great artists such as Ariacne Trujillo, Arturo Stable, Yusa, Duane Eubanks, John Swana, Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina, and many more. He is currently based out of Madrid, Spain.



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